Win Prizes Playing the Cupid's Target

It’s always fun to win prizes and now you can do so this month with the mobile pokies games that you won’t want to miss. With the AU mobile casino games at sites like All Slots Casino you’ll find an awesome Valentine’s Day promotion that will put your heart at ease. And you just might get Cupid’s arrow going your way and have the chance for some big wins.

Find out about this promotion and get ready for the chance to win prizes playing the Cupid's Target! There is something for every player here and way to really enjoy yourself. Let Cupid's charm give you that extra spark this month and have a blast with the promotion that offers you so much fun.

How to Play

You’ll be able to enjoy this promotion from January 31st until February 27th at a bunch of locations. These locations include All Slots Casino, the VIP Lounge, All Jackpots Casino, the First Web Casino and Wild Jack Casino.

The promotion is divided into segments and you’re eligible to be part of it with 50 loyalty points and with your desire to opt in. You can opt in by following an email that you get about the promotion, by going to the promotion landing page or by looking where it says My Offers at the AU mobile casino games site where you’re playing.

Now, the segments of play include the following. The beginning is from January 31st until Feb 6. Then, the next section is from February 7th through 13th and the third segment is from the 14th to the 20th. The last segment is from the 21st until the 27th.

Playing Fun

As you try to win prizes playing the Cupid's Target, you’ll see that you can start out with 50 loyalty points and obviously you’ll have more chances to win if you have more loyalty points. They have something called ticket booster where you’ll have more chances if you play for more days. So if you play for three days in a given week, you’ll get a 3x ticket and if you play for four days, you’ll have a 4x ticket. This goes all the way up to seven days.

The mobile pokies prizes that you can win are awesome and you’ll see each week if you’ve won. Five lucky people will get a $1000 bonus and 10 will get a $500 bonus. 25 will get a $100 bonus and 50 will get a $50 bonus. Now, 100 players will find themselves with a $25 bonus and 250 players will get a $10 bonus. Finally, with this AU mobile casino games promotion, 1000 players will get a $5 bonus.

The bonuses will be ready for the Sunday after the win and they will be good for one week. They are also giving away an amazing Valentine’s Day package to three lucky people which is worth over $1000 for people who are playing from February 7-10.

Join in the Fun

There are so many ways to have a blast with the mobile pokies sites and the chance to win prizes playing the Cupid's Target is certainly one of them. Join in the fun today and see what so many people are talking about and why they love playing here. You'll love being part of the fun this month as Valentine's Day offers so many ways to enjoy.