New Players at the Live Casino

New players to the live dealer casino receive a generous live casino bonus on signing up to the casino that matches deposits made and often gives the player free cash to use on the live dealer games.  The live casino is not new but it has been greatly improved thanks to the Evolution Gaming software that has been adopted

Excellent Quality of Live Casino Feed

The Evolution Gaming software gives a clearer picture that is as close to the real thing as possible. The player that clicks on to the live dealer casino is astounded by the excellent quality of the video feed and the fact that each and every dealer is able to interact with the player in real time, chatting, commenting and giving instructions.

Live Casino Games

The live dealer casino at the online casinos and Australian mobile casinos include a wide choice of casino games with real dealers. There are a number of choices of each game also including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Texas Hold’em, 3 card poker and more. Players can click on to the live casino in order to get an idea of the games and how they are played.

Company at the Live Casino

In each one of the live dealer casino games the player will see the casino names of other players who have chosen to join that game and he will also meet the dealer who will have a little chat with him and enable him to become familiar with the game. The video picture is excellent and takes place in real time giving the player a true feeling of being part of the casino and really involved.

The live casino bonus encourages players to try out the different live dealer casino games and the bonus applies whether the player has chosen to play on a desktop computer, on a laptop through the web browser of the casino or on a tablet or smartphone in the mobile version of the casino.

Live Casino Bonus

The live dealer bonus is updated on regular basis as are the terms and conditions of the many bonus offers given. One of the latest improved terms and conditions is that players are able to enjoy more value for the money they invest in the casino through loyalty points. The more the player bets the more loyalty points he earns and the more cash back he earns in return.

The improved cutting edge technology of the live dealer casino really does give the player a feeling of total involvement in the casino and it gives the player a feeling of part of a group and community something that he may not always feel when playing casino games at the standard online casino. This community feeling is translated in a number of ways including through the interaction with other players.

Professional Dealers at the Live Casino

The live dealer casino chooses a number of dealers to run the casino games and each dealer has the same experience of a real land based casino dealer. He or she knows how to handle the cards, call the bets and pay out fairly. Because the player sees everything that the dealer is doing he is less concerned about cheating and more involved in the game and the decisions he makes.

The player can register in advance for one of the live dealer casino games or he can join a game that is about to start if there is room at the table. There wide choice of games and a number of different tables for each game makes sure that a player will always have a game to join and he will always be able to use his live casino bonus to get the most out of his live casino experience.