Mobile Slots Employ the Best in Graphics, Animation, and Sound

You enter a huge world of excitement when you play online mobile slots.  You can test your luck with progressive mobile jackpots, compete in slots tournaments, play slots to qualify for monthly promotional prizes, and simply play to have a great time!

Perhaps the most significant aspect of AU mobile slots is that they differ from the slots our granddads played.  Those slots had three reels and were all pretty much the same.  Modern video slots, which make up the vast majority of mobile slots Australia, have unique themes.  The characters created by the slots developers must contribute to both the intended atmosphere and to the storyline.

Vicarious Entertainment

Let’s go into some depth on the themed nature of mobile video slots.   The theme categories range from humorous to serious; from romantic to masculine; from exploration to domesticity; and everything in between.  Every video slots game has many characters which further the story.  When you play video slots, you play to immerse yourself in the story as much as to win some much-appreciated money.

Mobile Slots Have a Great Look and Feel

Video slots would not have become so popular were it not for the amazing graphics, animation, and sound quality that the developers can draw upon in created their “stories”.  Computer graphics and, especially, mobile graphics have improved exponentially in recent years.  The large number of hit movies and television series that have been converted into high-excitement slots games is testimony to the extraordinary graphics available today.

Without Great Graphics Some Slots Could Not Be

Just imagine Game of Thrones or Jurassic Park without great graphics!  Whilst we simply can’t imagine these wonderful slots without great graphics, there are a multitude of less famous stories being told at this moment on thousands, perhaps millions, of mobile and PC computers.  The theme of Big Kahuna is a quiet holiday being thrown into chaos by a violent volcano.  You, as heroic a gamer as there is, save the island culture and become a legend in your own time.  In Pistoleras, the three “heroines” are as beautiful as they are mysterious.  What might take even the most skilled novelist to describe, the great slots creators at Microgaming describe in the characters of the three ingénues.   Are they law-women or outlaws?  You can easily imagine them in either role, making for an exciting game with many levels.

Watching the Characters Come to Life

Animation is also a big part of modern online mobile slots.  Once again we may visit the animation rich slots derived from movies and television.  But when the Lucky Leprechaun dances a jig for you, you feel like getting up and dancing with him!  Great animation can be found in many video slots so, even if the theme at first glance is not your pint of beer, the slots may have great entertainment value in any case and might be well worth your perusal.

Ear Candy

Finally, we reach the element of sound.  We can’t talk about the sound quality in so many AU mobile slots without referencing Game of Thrones yet again.  The eerie music sends our imagination back to the time when Westeros was untamed.  Yet, who can forget the great sound in the mobile slots free spins bonus round in Sure Win.  Whilst the background noise in the regular game is pure noise, the background “noise” in the free spins rounds is a roaring rendition of the Lone Ranger’s Theme!

Progressive Jackpots

We believe that for many players the best way to play for progressive mobile jackpots is with bonus money.  When you’re playing with the casino’s money, you can allow yourself be a little more aggressive in pursuit of the big payout.  In a sense, playing for big jackpots with bonus money is like getting a large number of mobile slots free spins!


Many casinos offer mobile slots Australia tournaments.  Most tournaments have no entry fee or a very modest one whilst some have a larger entry fee.  Many of the casinos that have bigger slots tournament entry fee also have many ways gamers can be gifted with free entry to those tournaments!  You might need to have a certain number of loyalty points.  Then gamers enter what are essentially mobile slots no deposit bonus codes to receive free entry to the tournament.

Welcome Packages

Another great aspect of mobile slots is the number of spins you can play with the bonus money you get when you take full advantage of casinos’ Welcome Packages.  A few online casinos, such as All Slots, offer a no deposit bonus to new players after the player has finished registering.  By entering their mobile slots no deposit bonus codes, new gamers can “travel’ about the casino, tasting of the many sweet fruits available there!

Slots Pay Off in Loyalty Points

Mobile slots are the single game with the highest conversion rate into loyalty points.  Loyalty points are important for two main reasons: they are worth money when their number is high enough for you to cash them in and, as their number rises, the casinos will offer big deposit bonuses.

Spins or Multipliers

One of the most intriguing aspects of mobile slots occurs in the free spins bonus rounds of some slots.  For example, in Sure Win you choose one of three jockey-horse combinations.  The intriguing part is that there are both multipliers and free spins in these bonus rounds; the larger the multiplier, the lower the number of free spins.  So, which is better, more free spins or a higher multiplier.  There are strong opinions on both sides.  The only thing we know with any certainty is that when you play slots like Sure Win, you want to get to the bonus rounds as often as possible!

Welcome to Fast-Moving Entertainment

Mobile slots give you the fastest game on any mobile casino.  Some gamers love to exercise the auto-play option.  We like auto-play because it saves wear and tear on our fingers and wrist.  We do, however, stay with the mobile slots game and watch the reels spin in game after game.  The fun in mobile slots is in watching, vicariously experiencing the story, and winning!